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LifeCenter Plus Rules and Regulations

At LifeCenter Plus, our mission is to enhance each member and guest’s

health and wellness by helping them reach their fitness goals.

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General Facility RulesThe facility is a family-friendly environment. We ask that you dress appropriately and avoid the use of foul language. All members and guests should dress appropriately for using the club and its facilities at all times. Shoes and shirts are required at all times in the club (with the exception of in the swimming pools). Athletic Shoes are required on the running track and on all courts, at all times; however, black-soled marking shoes are not permitted on the basketball courts and racquetball courts. Cut-offs are not permitted in the pools, whirlpools, fitness, and weight areas. Wet suits may not be worn in workout areas. Appropriate active wear must be worn in the Fitness areas. 

Entry and Exit of the Center must always be made through the main entrance doorway. Anyone entering through other doors or caught allowing people in through other doors will be asked to leave immediately and membership will be revoked without refund. The member assumes responsibility for their guests and must accompany their guests at all times.

Check-In Process – All members, upon entering the Club, are required to present their membership card to gain entrance into the Club.  A lost or damaged membership card will result in a replacement charge of $10.00.  Check-in for court reservations, as well as for massage, personal training, Pilates Reformer, and nutritional appointments is required.  Please check-in prior to your reservation time.  Failure to check-in may result in a no show fee and/or loss of court time, depending upon the appointment. 

Guest Policy – 
Our guest policy is intended to protect our members who support us year-round: 

  • It is the responsibility of each member to familiarize his/her guest with all the rules and regulations of the Club.

  • Unless a guest has a pass in hand and/or electronically in our systems from membership, guests must be accompanied by a member (minimum age of member is 12 years) while using the club and its facilities.

  • Each guest must abide by the rules and regulations of the club and the sponsoring member is responsible for the actions of their guests including unreturned locker keys and towels.

  • The guest MUST complete guest waiver of liability at EACH visit and may be asked to present identification. The same guest may visit the club ONLY 3 times in a single month. A guest fee will be charged for each guest visit.

  • Extended 1 week, 2 week and 1 month passes may be purchased through the Front Desk and dispersed through the Membership Department for out-of-town guests of members.

  • Members wishing to bring in more than 5 guests at one time, must make advance reservations. 


Members age 12-15 may only bring in one (1) guest per visit. Members age 16-18 may bring in no more than 4 guests. The same guest can accompany a member no more than three (3) times in the same month. Larger groups and athletic teams are asked to give notice before coming in, to assure reasonable space and occupancy.

Fitness Center & Fitness Studios - 

Aquatics Areas - 

Locker Rooms – A complimentary locker is provided at each visit when you present your membership card to the Front Desk. Your card is returned to you when your locker key is returned. We recommend that you keep your key with you at all times. Do NOT leave your key unattended. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Failure to do so will result in fees charged to said offender. 

Personal storage lockers may be rented for a small monthly fee – see Membership for more information and/or to rent a personal locker. The lockers available for rental are the small-sized lockers, 1/2 and 1/4 sized—all other lockers are for daily use only. Should it appear that rented lockers are being used and not paid for and/or member has a balance due on their locker rental, the belongings will be removed, held for a week, then donated to charity and/or otherwise discarded. 

  • All lockers are property of LifeCenter Plus. Lockers may be used for legitimate recreational purposes only

  • Cell phones and cameras may not be used in the locker rooms at any time.

  • Please be discreet and cover up with a towel when in common areas or grooming at the mirrors.

  • Certain occasions require LifeCenter Plus employees to access occupied lockers (i.e., unreturned equipment or facility risk). On these occasions, members will be notified.

  • Showers close 15 minutes prior to the facility closing.

  • Children over the age of 12 may use their same-gender locker room unsupervised. Children 4 years and older must use the same-gender locker room.

  • Our Family Changing Room is located off of the pool deck. Families with small children are encouraged to use the family changing room.

  • Any announcements, fliers, posters, or any other marketing materials must be submitted to the Assistant Director for Marketing and Memberships for approval to be displayed in the facility.

  • Use of hair dye is prohibited. 

  • Do not leave anything in the shower after use.

  • Please dispose of used band-aids, Qtips, empty toiletry containers, etc. 

  • Dry Saunas/Whirlpools - Cover up with a towel in the sauna. Do not add water to the rocks. The sauna is a dry sauna and has a high-temperature limit switch set at 194 degrees for safety reasons. Any attempt to exceed this limit results in the sauna shutting down. Tampering with the sauna will result in the termination of your membership. Please wear proper swimwear during the use of the whirlpool. We ask that you please take a shower before use and do not add anything to the water! Children under 16 years of age are not allowed in the whirlpools or saunas.

Help Keep Us Clean – Please return any equipment to their designated areas; and please wipe down each piece of equipment for the next user, as well as returning rack weights when finished.  Gym wipes and microfiber towels with spray are located throughout our fitness spaces, but feel free to bring your own personal towel with you in order to wipe down the equipment after each set and/or use. 

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