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Membership Support

If you need help with your membership, please stop in to fill out one of the following forms. 

Signatures are required for all account changes and documentation must be received by the 24th

of the month.  If you have further needs, please contact the Director of Business Development at


Personal Account Information Change – If you need to update your personal account information, please log into your Member Services Account OR visit our Front Desk and/or Membership department.

Membership Status Change – All changes are required before the 24th of any month and are considered only based on your contract terms. Additional fees may be applied. Please contact Membership at 330.655.2377 ext. 130 for any questions or more information.

Membership Hold – You can place your membership on hold no less than for 3 months or no more than 1 year. A hold service fee will be applied (excluding sales tax), based on your particular membership type (medical holds are exempt from fees). A Doctor’s note must accompany the hold form for any and all medical freezes. 

Membership Method of Payment Change – If you wish to change your method of payment, please log into your account OR you can always change this information with either our Front Desk and/or Membership Department, the next time you are at the club.

Membership Cancellation – If you wish to cancel your LifeCenter Plus membership, please contact our Membership Department at 330.655.2377 ext. 130 to confirm your account balance status and that your request can be met. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to LifeCenter Plus in person.  Cancellation Requests must be received by 24th of the month.

Membership/Billing FAQs

What Am I Being Billed For?
Your monthly debit will include your (and any family members’) membership fees for the current month. Club House Charges accrued for the previous month will be debited as a separate charge from your membership dues. This can include pro shop purchases, café purchases, personal training, massage, swim lessons, programs, etc.

How Does LifeCenter Plus Process Billing?
Your membership dues and house charges are billed electronically each month to the account indicated in the Payment Authorization section of your agreement. We bill credit/debit cards as well as checking/savings accounts on the first of every month – or the next business day, if those dates are holidays.

What Is A Membership Change?
Membership Changes include adding a member to your account, removing a member from your account, placing account on freeze, changing billing account information, name changes, address changes, or contact information changes. Notifying us promptly of any of the above changes or updates will allow us to serve you more accurately and with greater efficiency.

When And How Do I Submit A Membership Change?
Any of the above changes can be processed through a LifeCenter Plus Membership Rep. Changes in billing accounts, name, address, and phone information, can be done by our Front Desk, as well as through our self-service portal on our website – Click on “Self Service” and you will be taken to the self-service portal, where you will be asked for your username and password (username and password can be obtained by Membership). Membership changes need to be made prior to the 24th of every month and there may be additional fees for any drops and/or membership transfers.

What Is A Membership Hold?
If you are not able to use the club for medical reasons, LifeCenter Plus will place your account on medical freeze at no charge. A Doctor’s verification is required to process a medical freeze. Your medical freeze will run for the period stated by your Doctor. Your dues will resume at the end of that period UNLESS we receive notice in writing and a note from your Doctor stating that you are not ready to return to the club at that time.

A member may go on Hold for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year because of travel schedules or extenuating personal needs such as temporary relocation or unemployment. Non-medical Holds will be charged a monthly fee based on your membership type and must be paid monthly through electronic billing.

What Is The Difference b/t Freezing And Canceling My Membership?
A freeze and/or hold are appropriate when you know approximately how long you will be gone. For example, if you will be away on business for 3 months or your doctor feels your injury or illness should be healed in less than six months, a membership hold is the option you should choose. It is a finite amount of time without complete membership due billing, or club usage, and your billing will automatically restart at the end of the hold period. Remember, if you are requesting a medical hold, we will need medical documentation.

If you are going away for an indeterminate amount of time or for a time longer than our hold policy allows (“my job thinks the project will be over in 3-6 months, but no one is really sure” or “my doctor thinks I might be unable to exercise for more than a year”), then you want to cancel your membership. This will allow you to settle your business affairs or heal until you are ready to rejoin. Remember, if you are within your membership contract, we will need proof of relocation. Relocation and its appropriate proof is the ONLY way to breach a membership contract and its terms – breach fees may apply.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?
ALL cancellation requests must be submitted in writing and turned into the club in person. Please refer to your membership contract or contact our Membership Department for the cancellation policies for your membership. Cancellation fee (if applicable) and/or any outstanding balances will be collected at the time the cancellation paperwork is signed. Please note that non-use of the facility or closing of one’s billing account does not constitute a cancellation. Cancellation requests must be in writing and will NOT be accepted over the phone and/or via email.

How Long Is My Current Membership Rate Guaranteed?
Your rate is guaranteed for the term of the contract you signed upon joining. After that term expires, your rate will remain the same during the month-to-month rollover unless there are club-wide rate changes. LifeCenter Plus will mail notification of a change in dues 45 to 60 days in advance of such a change. Cancellation and then reinstatement of your membership does NOT guaranteed prior membership rates you were given.

Can LifeCenter Plus Provide Receipts For Reimbursement Purposes?
Yes. If you need documentation of your account’s payments we can provide you with that report – contact the Membership Department at 330.655.2377 ext. 130. You can also obtain account information from the “Self Service” section on LifeCenter Plus’ website.

When Do I Receive Credit For My Friend/Referral Joining?
You should receive either a mailed letter and/or email of your referral reward within 20 days of the date your friend joins. You must be an active member to receive the referral reward for referring a friend. All referral rewards will be available after the close of the month. To redeem your referral reward you must bring the letter and/or email you received.

What Is The Status Of My Refund?
We are committed to getting you a refund within 15-20 business days of the request, and generally complete the request within 72 business hours of its request date.

Some things to remember:
• Once LifeCenter Plus issues a refund to a credit card it may take up to seven (7) business days before your Credit Card Company/Financial Institution posts the refund.
• All refunds are issued to the credit card that was used for the purchase or membership dues, even if that card has since been closed or cancelled. If we have refunded a credit card that you have closed, your bank will either mail you a check for the credit or transfer the funds to another account you may have with that financial institution.
• If a manual check is being generated and mailed the refund may take up to an additional 10-15 days. All checks are mailed via USPS from Hudson, Ohio.

Some ways to cut down on the wait time is to verify the credit card we are issuing the credit to, that we have the correct address on file, and that we have a way to contact you if there is an issue.

How Do I Contact LifeCenter Plus Billing?
Please find our billing department and Membership Department contact information below:
Billing Department
  330.655.2377 ext. 119 or
Director of Business Development
  330-655-2377 ext. 112 or 

Membership On-Call 
  330.655.2377 ext. 130 or

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