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Kids Camps

Fun and safe programs for your children ages 5-12! Click on the below links for all the necessary information and forms to get registered this summer. Below are helpful FAQs for families regarding our summer kids camp programs.

Take a peak inside of our

camp brochure!

Kids Summer Camp Brochure 2024.png

Camp Rooms(Please note that these pics are taken off-season, as we like to decorate them for the kids for the summertime!).

Camp Rooms.png

Summer Camp FAQs

Q. Do I have to register for the entire summer (full summer commitment)?

A. No, we allow you to pick and choose the weeks and days that are most convenient for you and your children. These can also vary from week to week depending on your schedule. 

Q. What is the first time camper discount?
A. The first time camper discount is 15% off and cannot be combined with the April 30th early registration discount (10%). This would apply to every week you register. After April 30th, the first time camper discount is 5% off.

Q. What is the early registration discount?
A. The early registration discount is 10% off and is offered through April 30th. This discount would apply to every week you register, and cannot be combined with the first time camper discount.

Q. What are the discounted swim lessons?
A. Children who participate in the Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning swim lessons will receive 10% off the member and nonmember pricing.

Q. What is the registration fee?
A. Your first week of camp is due at the time of registration, at minimum. You can then select weekly payment options, monthly, or payment-in-full.

Q. What is the weekly field trip fee?

A. Due to the annual increase costs for transportation and activity entrance prices, a weekly field trip fee is necessary in to continue with the caliber of field trips planned each week for the camp season. The fee is $30/camp, per week. This fee is ONLY for a camper attending the offsite field trip, for said registered week(s) of camp. The fee is not included in any discounts or promotions.

Q. What are the payment options?
A. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, cash, and check. Checks may be made payable to LifeCenter Plus. If doing weekly payments, please know that it will automatically be taken from the MOP that is put on the form.

Q. When are payments dues?
A. You may pay for camp upfront or weekly (see weekly MOP note in above QA). Camp must be paid by 4pm the Thursday prior in order for your child to attend the following week of camp. CANCELS ARE ACCEPTED 10 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO WEEK ENROLLMENT, FYI. *A $10 Administration Fee may be applied to multiple change requests throughout the summer season.*

Q. HOUSE CHARGE – Can my child use our Membership House Charge Account for any purchases during camp days?
A. Campers will NOT be allowed to use membership house charges for any purchases. Parents must make sure to bring cash for their child to use throughout the day for any purchases desired at the club.

Q. Does a summer pool membership qualify us for the member camp rates?
A. Yes, a summer pool membership qualifies you for Member pricing. Our summer pool membership costs vary on the number of people included. Please see membership for details on our summer pool memberships.

Q. What is the child to counselor ratio?
A. We will have 6-10 kids per counselor. 1-6 kids/counselor for the 5-6 YR Group | 1-10 kids/counselor for the 7-12
 YR Group. Our spaces are set to accommodate the appropriate ratio along with proper social distancing measures and for whatever the protocols are set forth by the state and health department.

Q. How do you determine my child’s swimming abilities?
A. Kids must be able to swim the width of our outdoor lap pool and back in order to be allowed in the lap pool. Otherwise, the children will be able to go in our zero depth pool (0-3 ft.). Your child’s swimming ability and pool access will be acknowledged through a colored wrist band.

Q. How is swimming time monitored?
A. We have American Red Cross certified lifeguards on duty during swim time. The camp counselors are also required to complete the American Red Cross water safety class, and be on the pool desk at all times during the swimming portion.

Q. Do I need to provide my child a lunch and snacks?
A. Yes, lunch and snacks are not provided. Children 7-12 must bring a packed lunch on field trip days and/or all age groups for the field trips where all ages are attending. Campers need to bring a lunch, snacks, and drink or water bottle for the day. Campers will also have the opportunity to order daily lunches through our cafe area as well. Lunch forms for these days must be turned in the Friday prior to the camp week your child is attending.

Q. When are the field trips?
A. Offsite field trips are every Wednesday unless noted, and are only for children 7-12 years old unless otherwise noted. There are onsite adventures offered for several of the camp weeks, which is included for both age groups. Campers are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis (there will be a waiting list for field trips that are already filled).
*NEW for 2024: there is a weekly field trip fee of $30/camper for any offsite field trips that your child is attending.*

Q. My Child has a Summer Birthday and will be considered in the older group after that. What should I do?
A. If your child will be considered in the next agegroup bracket, in the middle of the camps due to a summer birthday, please circle the next appropriate age group, ahead of time, on your camp registration forms.

Q. Is there a Parent Information Meeting?
A. We will be offering an in-person parent meeting, closer to the start of camps. Dates/Times TO BE DETERMINE. These meetings will be held in our back, Outdoor Pool lobby area.

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