LifeCenter Plus's rock wall has 23- and 30-foot climbing walls with 5 stations and over 50 routes, designed for both beginner and advanced climbers! Schedule a rock climbing event for your group, office or organization! Climbing is great for team building, self-confidence, and yields the following benefits:

  • Physical - upper and lower body strength, endurance, agility, and coordination

  • Mental - problem solving engagement

  • Social - friendly, safe, and welcoming environment

  • Accessible - available during all seasons with our indoor wall!

Open Climb Hours


Please contact us at to rent the Rockwall or a group climb or party event.

Climbing Wall Policies


• Be respectful and responsible when in the climbing area.

• Open Climb is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our staff allows all participants fair turns on the climbing wall during this time.

• Open Climb ends promply at the posted times. Please be respectful of this when coming to use our climbing wall and allow yourself ample amount of climbing time.
• Sign-in and complete all required forms before climbing or belaying.
• All climbing gear not provided by LifeCenter Plus subject to inspection.
• All rental gear provided by LifeCenter Plus must stay in the climbing area.
• Closed-toe tennis shoes and/or socks required for climbing (NO bare feet).
• Climbing instruction permitted only by LifeCenter Plus climbing staff.
• Do not goof around, use profanity or otherwise distract climbers.
• No food or beverages (other than water) allowed in the climbing area.
• Focus on safety when you climb or belay!
• Regardless if you know how to belay, our climbing staff must check your ropes, harness(es), and other safety checks prior to climbing.
• Respect age restrictions: No children younger than 4 allowed in the climbing area for any reason; All climbers younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the climbing area/LifeCenter Plus premises.
• Climbing staff reserves the right to ask any individual in violation of these policies or compromising the safety of himself or other climbers to vacate the climbing area immediately.