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Taking our Memberships to a whole new level!
Our members can access an array of our in-Club scheduled classes, virtually at no additional charge. Your favorite classes, your favorite teachers, from your favorite Club!

50+ Classes will be livestreamed weekly through our private Facebook Group AND they will remain on that group page. Enjoy a variety of classes, from different LCP Instructors, live and/or on your own time. Weekly schedules will be posted each Sunday evening, for the upcoming week on our main FB page and our LCP Go® private Facebook group.

Nothing beats an in-Club workout...but this is the next best thing

AND it will keep you active within your LCP membership and with your exercise routines. Feel the connection through LCP Go®!

Try out a sample class stream below!

LCP Go® Fees
LCP Members = FREE*
LCP Nonmembers = $50/month
This service is free for active LifeCenter Plus Members (members whom are not on freeze).

MEMBERS - ready to get started?! Click on the Facebook image above and then hit JOIN GROUP.
NONMEMBERS - interested in signing up?! It's super easy - join online TODAY! Click HERE.


Click HERE to Join!

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